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How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

You may be thinking, “How can I sell my house without a realtor?” Well, there is always the old-fashioned way. The elimination of this profession could save you up to 7% on commissions and eliminate their associated fee structures.

Sell your house to a cash buyer:

How would you like to sell your home in just a few days? With cash buyers, that’s possible. These individuals and companies purchase homes without any mortgage involvement at all. They offer sellers great flexibility when it comes time for them to make this big decision as well as a convenience because there isn’t a need of waiting on someone else to decide whether or not they want what we have offered (and vice versa). The downside is usually higher transaction fees than other types of buyers, however, if we’re talking about getting rid of properties then these might be worth considering since most people have done.

Set a price for your home to sell:

The best way to sell your home is by pricing it correctly. The internet can be a great tool for determining what other homes in the area are selling at, and then using that as an indicator on how much you should ask price with regards to theirs – don’t forget about making sure everything stays professional.

Market your property:

Instead of just listing your home on the MLS, you should advertise using “for sale” signs, brochures, and online advertising. You can also build a website to market yourself as an owner-seller with these services being much cheaper than what agents charge.

Negotiate with the buyer:

Negotiation is essential for any successful sale. If a buyer offers you more money but wants to close in fewer days than the number of weeks specified on your contract, don’t hesitate. Call them up and ask if they would be willing to accelerate their timeline in just one week so that both parties get what they want out of this deal before time runs thin.

Make sure to concede with all laws:

The contract for your home’s sale should be reviewed by an attorney. Laws such as the Fair Housing Act apply to all homes sold no matter where they are located and even though there may exist contracts online which seem similar, these aren’t specific enough when dealing with unique situations like yours so it would still prove worthwhile having someone who knows what he/she’s doing look over them before signing off on anything.