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Fridge Freezer FF31
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Fridge Freezer FF31

Product Code:5012267

Black Forest Fridge Freezer FF31 | 31QT Fridge Freezer

This isn’t just another fridge option you're going to throw in the back of your rig. This is throwing a cold drink back while kicking your feet up on the back of a bear that you’vere-purposed as your new favorite foot stool. Your new Fridge Freezerallows you to pack everything but the kitchen sink…then put the *kitchen sinkin, because you got so much dang room. That new off-road group will have nochoice but to respect you when you pull up and start tossing out cold drinks.

 What other options are there in ascenario like that? None.

This Fridge Freezer is not Just for you Jeepers! Campers, Hunters, Boater, Truckers and all adventure seekers alike can enjoy the convenience and benefits that FF31 has to offer! Say goodbye to your soggy sandwiches and warm water! It's time to keep it cool with the FF31 Fridge Freezer anywhere life takes you! 

Product Features:
- Mobile Fridge / Freezer
- 0°F to 50°F (-18° to 10°C)
- Low, compact profile with slim handle design
- 12/24V DC or 115/230V AC Power
- Composite case is built to be lightweight and encase the most efficient SECOP compressor
- ECO or TURBO (Max) modes
- 3-stage battery protection

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Compatible with Black Forest Slides or any other mounting method you can dream up

Product | 24.5"L x 13.5"W x 14.5"H

Box | 24.5"L x 15.25"W x 17"H

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